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TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor



In the early morning of January 1, 1997, Amy fell out of a third-story window of her ex-boyfriend's apartment in San Francisco in what police labeled a "suspicious occurrence."  Within the blink of an eye, this 27-year-old former high school and college athlete, on a promising career path in the Bay Area’s emerging technology field would lose everything to a Traumatic Brain Injury.  This is the true story of Amy’s journey from waking up in the Intensive Care Unit at San Francisco General Hospital to her subsequent 15-year battle with TBI-related depression, alcohol abuse and obesity to finding her purpose inspiring others facing life with a TBI through marathons and triathlons. 



"In spite of all obstacles, Amy refuses to quit.  She is a true role model for overcoming immense adversity.  Her dedication to helping and advocating for our wounded warriors who are now forced to live a life with a traumatic brain injury is immeasurable.  Through pure perseverance and determination, she continues to achieve the “unthinkable.” It has been a real honor to have her race for the Scott Rigsby Foundation as a part of Team Operation IronFreedom at the Ironman 70.3 Augusta." 

Scott Rigsby - First double amputee to complete the Ford Ironman World Championship triathlon using prosthetics, Motivational Speaker and Author of "Unthinkable."


"Amy’s journey is an incredible example of the human spirit and its capacity to overcome and persevere in the face of life changing adversity. She didn't settle for simply being put back together as if nothing ever happened… instead she honestly and openly shares her Life Story and what it means to live with a TBI and how choosing to Do Different than expected allows her to show up every day... better… stronger… and more confident than ever before, sharing her inspiring story of Determination and Hope… not just for TBI individuals… but for all of us who share this journey with her!"

April Hartsook - Visionary CEO & Creator of the Want Different Do Different™ Health and Wellness Movement


"Amy is a tenacious and dedicated athlete. Her willingness to candidly share her experience to help

others is an inspiration to everyone around her. The best word to describe Amy - unstoppable!"

Tammy "Texas" Boesch, BS, NET - Eat Healthy & Thrive


"Amy is one of the most inspirational athletes that I have ever known. When life handed her a devastating challenge, she rose above it, and proves to all of us every day, that nothing is impossible."

Markus Boesch - Owner of The Fitness Underground and Author of "Boost Your Metabolism."

"I'm a veteran who met Amy Morosini at the Integrated Brain Health and Wellness Center at the VA in Martinez CA. Amy has inspired me to make better decisions about my health and to incorporate more fitness into my life. She has helped me to better understand my injuries and empowered me to be independent once again. Amy helps me to remain positive, and since we have met I am playing my guitar and volunteering regularly at the VA where I am inspiring other veterans through music therapy. I'll be performing at the 2015 Valor Games held at Coast Island in Alameda CA. I consider Amy a true friend and feel blessed to have met her! Thanks Amy."

Respectfully, Wallace Stoddard, former Petty Officer, USN (8 years Honorable).

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